Park Players Logo (Comedy & Tragedy masks)Park Players Logo (Comedy & Tragedy masks)Park Players Logo (Comedy & Tragedy masks)


Celebrating our 45th Anniversary in 2006!!!

Since 1961...

Park Players has entertained the residents of Greenfield Park and surrounding areas. Founded by a small group of enthusiastic Greenfield Park residents in 1960, but adopting our official name in 1961, Park Players not only stages productions in the spring and fall of each year, but are involved in the community year round.
Over the years, Park Players members have been involved in many local projects. Lunch hour workshops for elementary
school children, one act plays and activities for the "Golden Leaves" a social centre for the elderly, and children's plays for
church pot luck dinners, are just a few of the projects we have been involved in.

Past performances have run the gamut from comedy to tragedy. Examples include such plays as:

  • Extremities
  • The Happy Apple
  • My Fat Friend
  • Angel Street
  • Cooking with Gus
  • A Fine Monster You Are!
  • Sorry, Wrong Number (drama)
  • Sorry, Wrong Chimney (comedy)
  • Ravenscroft
  • Monkey's Paw

...and many more

Our membership is as diverse as our performances. They represent many parts of our community. We encourage anyone interested in any aspect of live performance to join us. We take pleasure in being behind the scenes as well as front and centre!

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